Error message when you connect a Xbox360 with Windows Vista Media Center with fingerprint software installed

When you connect a Windows Media Center Extender (Xbox360) device to a computer that is running Windows Vista Media Center with fingerprint software installed you can receive the following error message:

Extender did not connect.

Also, on the Windows Media Center Extender device screen, the Media Center logo is displayed with a connecting status. However, the program does not proceed to the main menu.
I struggle with this problem with my Xbox360 and a HP Notebook (Vista Ultimate installed)with an fingerprint device integrated and the fingerprint software installed.
I used google to search, i found some pages with information about this issue.
The only solution at this time is to un-install the fingerprint software.
After I un-installed the software and reboot my Notebook, my Xbox360 connects fine with Media Center.
Hopefull will there come some hotfix for this issue or a working workaround to use the fingerprint and Media Center with an Extender.
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