ESX 3.x Commands

Commands that can be used at the Console:

esxcfg-* Command Types

- esxcfg-firewall (Configure firewallingoptions)
- esxcfg-route (Enable or disable routing for vmknics)
- esxcfg-vmknic (Create & configure VMkernel Nic's)
- esxcfg-vswif (Create & configure vswifs for the COS)
- esxcfg-vswitch (Create & configure virtual switches and port groups)
- esxcfg-nics (Presents physical NIC information)
- esxcfg-route (Enable or disable routing for vmknics)

- esxcfg-dumppart (Set, activate, deactivate, list potential and current VMkernel dump partition)
- esxcfg-mpath (Multipathingconfiguration)
- esxcfg-nas (Add, delete or manage NAS file systems)
- esxcfg-swiscsi (Configures software iSCSIadapter)
- esxcfg-vmhbadevs (Maps COS device files to vmhba names)
- esxcfg-rescan (Rescan LUNs on SCSI device)

Service Console Administration
- esxcfg-info (Prints information about the service console, the VMkernel, various subsystems in the virtual network and storage resource hardware)
- esxcfg-auth (Configures the service console authentication options)
- esxcfg-advcfg (Sets advanced VMkernel options)
- esxcfg-resgrp (Add, remove or modify existing resource groups)


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