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ESX 3.x Configuration Files

ESX 3.x Configuration Files /etc/nsswitch.conf
The service switch configuration, how names in the service console are resolved. There will be a number of lines in this file. The most interested is “hosts:” hosts: files dns The name service will use the /etc/hosts file, and then the DNS name server specified in the /etc/resolv.conf file.

This process watches over the hostd process and restarts it if it crashes.

This is the host management agent and is responsible for a number of key management functions on an ESX host. You can restart the host management agent at the command line:

service mgmt-vmware restart

Log file for the host management agent firewall vmware etc
This file contains the definitions for the TCP ports and service names used by the service console firewall.

This is the name of the VirtualCenter server agent that runs in the service console of ESX 3.x servers.
Can be stopped, started or restarted with the service command:
service vmware-vpxa restart

XML configuration file for the VirtualCenter Server Agent in the service console

The Log file for VirtualCenter agent in the service console.