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February Patch Tuesday: Batch Includes 77 Updates That Cover Flaws in Internet Explorer, Exchange Server, and DHCP Server

Microsoft released 77 updates, along with three new advisories, in this month’s Patch Tuesday. The bulletin patches four publicly known bugs, rated Important, and one that is under active attack. It includes fixes for ChakraCore, Edge, Exchange Server, Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft Windows, Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps, Azure, Team Foundation Services, and the .NET Framework.

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Send een SMTP bericht met Telnet

Je kunt met behulp van Telnet Sessie een SMTP (email) bericht versturen. Dit kan wel eens handig zijn in het kader van troubleshooting.

Start een Telnet Sessie na je mail/smtp server op poort 25 (default)

Open een command box

Type telnet 25 (enter)
De connectie na de mail/smtp server wordt gemaakt en er zal een antwoord van de komen.
De telnet sessie zal als eerst het volgende ongeveer laten zien: 220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service.....

Type helo (enter)
Het antwoord zal als volgt moeten zijn
250 Hello [ip adres]

Type mail (enter) - Dit is het van adres
Antwoord zal als volgt moeten zijn
250 Sender Ok

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Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup updates take an extended time to complete

Last time i installed some new Exchange 2007 SP1 Servers with the Edge server role. When i install the Rollup Updates i notice that that take a extreme long time to complete, the installation takes about a couple ours to complete.

The Edge servers I installed don't have direct access to the Internet. The first steps in the installation process take a normal time to complete, but when the installatie wizard start to create native imagas for .Net assemblies the process slows extreme down. The installation wizzard notify you that this process can take an extended time to complete, but a couple of ours!!!!!
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Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging Cmdlets

Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging Cmdlets overview.

  • Unified Messaging Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Server Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Mailbox Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Hunt Group Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Dial Plan Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Auto Attendant Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging IP Gateway Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Mailbox Policy Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Mailbox PIN Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Troubleshooting and Monitoring Cmdlets
    Unified Messaging Virtual Directory Cmdlets
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Exchange 2007 Global Cmdlets

Exchange 2007 Global Cmdlets overview.

  • Global Cmdlest
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