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Malicious Edge and Chrome Extension Used to Deliver Backdoor

We noticed a series of testing submissions in VirusTotal that apparently came from the same group of malware developers in Moldova, at least based on the filenames and the submissions' source. It appears they are working on a new malware that — based on how they were coded — is most likely intended to spread through spam emails embedded with malicious attachments.

The downloader malware's payload is what makes it notable. It delivers a version of the Revisit remote administration tool, which is used to hijack the infected system. More importantly, it also delivers a malicious extension that could serve as a backdoor, stealing information keyed in on browsers.

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Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup updates take an extended time to complete

Last time i installed some new Exchange 2007 SP1 Servers with the Edge server role. When i install the Rollup Updates i notice that that take a extreme long time to complete, the installation takes about a couple ours to complete.

The Edge servers I installed don't have direct access to the Internet. The first steps in the installation process take a normal time to complete, but when the installatie wizard start to create native imagas for .Net assemblies the process slows extreme down. The installation wizzard notify you that this process can take an extended time to complete, but a couple of ours!!!!!
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