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Error: Cannot purge mailbox

Today i noticed something strange when moving a users mailbox to another exchange mailbox server.

The Mailbox migrating went correct, the mailbox has succesfull moved to another mailbox server but at the 'old' location still resides a mailbox for that user. The users mailbox has the status orphaned (Red cross)
When trying to purge the mailbox The following error occurred:

The operation cannot be performed because this mailbox is already reconnected to an existing user.
ID no: c1034ad6
Exchange System Manager.

I try manually run the "Start Mailbox Management Process" and the "Run Cleanup Agent" but it not solve the error.
Then i changed the "Keep deleted mailboxes for (days)" to 0.

Mailbox Store Properties

I run the "Cleanup Agent' again and the mailbox and the mailbox can be purged.


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